Monday, October 25, 2010

Blog Giveaway! You Can Own an Original Jill Tauzin Broussard Painting!!!

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Remember this post from a few weeks back about the gem of an artist, Jill Tauzin Broussard?

Well, Jill––who is so sweet and so kind, offered up one of her paintings for the All The Trappings one year blogiversary and 1st ever giveaway. How generous is that? 

This beautiful 8"x 8" x 2"d  painting, titled "Waiting" 
packs a ton of punch with it's vivid color composition of pumpkin, vermilion, mustard and faint aqua. The smattering of gold leaf makes it shimmer and shine, but not a touch TOO MUCH, it's just perfect!

It's gorgeous and worth $320!!! But for you, pretty ladies and gents I'll give you a veddy good price: Free!! I like the sound of free, don't you?

"Sign me up! How do I enter?" 

1.Go to Jill's website, peruse her inventory. 2. Fall in love with all, but pick only one!  3. Return to All The Trappings and leave a comment with your choice of which piece made your mouth water! 

Don't forget to follow All The Trappings on either Facebook, Twitter   or by email–– which is located on the sidebar of my blog. I know, I know, I'm asking WAY too much here, but I have to strike while the iron is hothothot, people! 

Çest Tout! 

*** If you are an anonymous poster, you must leave your email for me somehow in case you win!! Either leave it in the comment box, or email me at telling me that you posted a comment. 

I will choose a winner AT RANDOM on Saturday morning, so be sure to do your homework before then! 


This is SO EXCITING!!! You will LOVE this piece in person!!! 

Thank you all so much for the TONS of support I have received in the last year. Your encouragement, comments, emails and all that jazz make this lady feel like I've won zee lot-ry ;) 

Have fun!



***Big Update!!!!! Jill is SO impressed with the response from everyone that she wants to give EVEN MORE to All The Trappings followers!!!

The details: Jill is offering 30% off of commissioned paintings over $300 for All The Trappings followers until December 1st!! Do the math: $320 to Poof! $224!!! Substantial is an understatement!

So, if you are looking to give a special Christmas present to someone, or hey––yourself for that matter, then contact Jill @ and mention that you are subscribed to All The Trappings! Wow!!!! Could she be any more kind? 

Thank you for all of your comments, I am just thrilled beyond measure over the response and cannot WAIT to pick a winner!!



gwendolyn said...

are you kidding? how do i pick one??

tattgiff said...

round trees is soo perfect...
I so love it.
tattgiff at centurytel dot net

Jane K. Schott said...

"Vintage Turquoise" is just lovely. Calming and a perfect color for that POP.
Congratulations Andrea on your anniversary. I started a little longer than a year ago and I don't know what I would do with my time if I did not have my blog.
Things are going your way and I wish you much success with AS&D too!

Jane K. Schott said...

"Vintage Turquoise" is just lovely. Calming and a perfect color for that POP.
Congratulations Andrea on your anniversary. I started a little longer than a year ago and I don't know what I would do with my time if I did not have my blog.
Things are going your way and I wish you much success with AS&D too!

Anonymous said...

Still "1", Still "2", either or both make my heart flutter. Hey Andrea, it's me Lynette (ya know, papier mache tray lady from RS), small world, I found you through COTE DE TEXAS, which is one of my favorite decorating blogs. I see now, that you are gonna be one of those blogs I love to read too,,cuz yours is fabulous! (

Gisele said...

Love, love, love the piece titled "awaiting motherhood"

My oldest daughter is expecting her THIRD boy in February! This time, I am going to attend as her mother and not the Midwife.

How much is the piece?


Jeremy Broussard said...

Apparently, the one I like doesn't have a name. It's on the home page of Jill's site and features outlines of red birds on a blue green field.

I love a painting that makes me smile.

Renée said...

It's difficult to choose just one, but I love the red tulips. During the birth of my daughter, tulips were my focal point. (TRUE)
Pieces is also a favorite!
Thanks AMV!

Brittany O'Neal said...

I love "Spirit" and "Let Yourself Daydream". When I look at "Let yourself Daydream," it makes me want to get lost in the painting and forget the world around me. "Spirit" is calm, soothing with a little fire in it, reminds me of myself.

All The Trappings said...

They are all so great!!!

I am having a blast hosting my 1st giveaway!!!! I can't wait to choose the winner on Saturday and make someone's weekend by delivering the good news!!!

So glad everyone is excited, too :)


Karen said...

"Denim" is beautiful (well, actually all of the paintings are beautiful) and I liked "Green Trees". What wonderful work.

Karen said...

Oops, you asked for an email address as well as a comment...

"Denim" is my favorite!

Klbunch at yahoo dot com

Kelle Dame said...

Get right out of town!! You're giving one of these away???!!
I did fall in love with all of them and now I really really want one. Vintage Turquoise please. Thank you!I can only imagine what juicy textures you see in these when you're up close!
Thanks for such a fab give away! You're the best!

Anonymous said... hard to choose just one...I love "Let yourself daydream" the colors are warm and my mind runs away..but I think my favorite is "Water". I love the colors and it is calming!!!

Congrats ya!!


P.S. I forgot my google log in info...go

Autumn said...

Green trees green trees!

Jennifer Liffmann said...

I like "Spirit"...I really love all of them, but I like that one the most! Thanks!! :))
Jennifer Liffmann

Anonymous said...

The longer I looked at her paintings, the harder it was to choose one!!! In the end, I think "Fog" is my favorite. The shadows covering the moon in the background give this piece an almost haunting effect. I can almost hear nighttime swamp sounds when I enjoy this beautiful painting!


mydesignchic said...

Loving the magenta flowers...amazing!!

celeste.white said...

'Pieces' is definitely my favorite.

'Pacific Wheat' is a close second!

Ken Delavergne said...

Hey Andrea, I lovelovelove the "Lemon Lime" painting by Jill Broussard. Would lovelovelove to win the painting by Jill Broussard. Thanks for the chance to acquire one of her paintings. Ken delavergne

Anonymous said...

I have loved her art for a while now. My favorite at her website is "Pacific Wheat" Man what a great piece.
W. Fruge

Joel said...

Denim is my favorite so far but the painting in the give-a-way is really cool. Thanks. Joel

John said...

I really think the color and composition of Fog are so relaxing and dreamy. Would like to buy one soon.

RA said...

If I had to pick one from the ten that I like then it would be Red Tulips. Great use of color and balance. Very moody just like I like it. RA

Clyde said...

My favorite and it was hard since I wanted all of them, is Green Trees. Although, I would hang it proudley in my home. It is about time I have a Jill Broussard hanging. Clyde

Ty said...

Ok have to agree with Ken, Lemon Lime is my favorite but not by far. There are several favorites in her line of moody seductive art that needs to be in my collection. Ty

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Andrea, on a whole year of blogging beauty!!! I've enjoyed learning from you. "Round trees" wins for the effect of them both together, like a photograph and the negative image, side by side.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your one year blogiversary! I love to read your posts, and still in awe of your talents!

Jill's paintings are all beautiful, and it really was hard to pick just one, but I have to say, that I LOVE Vintage Turquoise-it reminds me of a day at the beach!


Jessica said...

Congratulations on your blogiversary! I visited Jill's site, and I fell in love with each and every piece for different reasons. I have to choose one, you say? Well, then I will say 'Water.' This is precisely what water looks and feels like - blue and green and calm.

Fran said...

Andrea, What a sweet surprise to receive your blog! You are sooooooo amazingly talented! I just love the crisp, contemporary way you integrate traditional design and your quirky, fun way of expressing yourSelf! Amazing woman, you are!

My life passion is being in awe of women, helping them to see those qualities in themselves. So, naturally, Jill's stunning piece of this woman caught my eye. An thanks for the invitation to travel to her website as well. I haven't been purchasing much art recently, but that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate it. She is one of my favorites, and 'Daydreaming' is the one I love the most.
Perhaps it is because I daydream about alot of things (and move some of them into reality), but I often daydream about being able to paint like she does! The painting evokes yearnings and desires, keeping me always on the edge of the next frontier.

Your passion and enthusiasm are contagious! It was lovely to see you recently.

Wishing you oodles and oodles of good things~~~


Kellie said...

Ok, i'm late in doing this, but I love all her paintings and it is worth saying it no matter when it is said! I love all of her circles and any paintings where she has the gold leaf! She rocks!