Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jill Tauzin Broussard • An Incredible Louisiana Artist

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Round Trees by Jill Tauzin Broussard

Juggler by Jill Tauzin Broussard

I've been daydreaming about taking art lessons with Jill for about a year now. We'd run into each other every now and then, or go to lunch and make plans to start, but never set it in stone. Jill is a fabulous artist and I knew that when I was ready to take lessons I wanted her to be my instructor. Well, that day has finally come to roost and we have embarked on our journey together and are having a great time! 

I have no idea if I am producing pure garbage or something slightly appealing, and I don't care either way because I am having a ball! Jill is great about fostering confidence, but is comfortable enough to tell me if she thinks I could work harder on a piece; or paint right over the whole dang thing and start anew ––and I LOVE that about her. How else am I going to learn, right?

Lemon Lime by Jill Tauzin Broussard

Her studio is set up in her home in a light and art filled room that whispers relaxation and creativity. Coffee is always ready, music selections are superb and the conversation is great because Jill is so inquisitive and truly likes to know who you are, where you came from, who's ya mamma and ya daddy, and most importantly what moves you and inspires you. I can't get enough of our afternoons together!  

Denim by Jill Tauzin Broussard

Jills style is so pleasing to me–– a little watery, a little hazy––the colors are always right on target and her subject matter transcends masculine or feminine in appeal. She loves to paint on wood––the highly varnished wood mounted paintings are DRIPPINGLY gorgeous in person. They are incredibly luminous and the depth in her work is truly captivating. 

The red painting is Jill's piece featured in the article

Recently, she was featured in the November 2009 issue of {the now defunct} Metropolitan Home, and in a brisk move––Kipton Art in New York picked her up at around the same time {smart on their part!}

23 Circles by Jill Tauzin Broussard

Vintage Turquoise by Jill Tauzin Broussard

I want to jump right into these two––one refreshing and cool, one cozy and warm. Both fantastic!

Still 1 by Jill Tauzin Broussard

Pieces by Jill Tauzin Broussard


MAYBE and that's a BIG MAYBE I'll put up some of the paintings I've done so far on the blog, but until I feel a little more confident, the reveals shall stay between Jill, myself and other trusted 
cronies ;)

Please don't hesitate to peruse Jill's website and other paintings! Jill also produces a ton of commissioned work for her clients, so keep that in mind if you are looking for a piece that makes your heart go pittapatta––she's a gem, truly. 

Even more fun: If you live in Lafayette or nearby, Jill loves to host art workshops for people of all ages, so check her calendar in the newsletter section to schedule an afternoon of painting, chatting, exploring and creating––you will have a BLAST, I'm certain!





celeste.white said...

I love Jill's work, too! And now, you've got me wanting to paint. As if I have time enough! I'm going to have to bribe you into showing me your work! You know, I've got a fancy new bottle of scotch at home and...

Anonymous said...

Excellent article! Jill is fabulous!

Kelle Dame said...

Go-jus!! I love her work! On my way to check out her site. I also love that she always has coffee kind of girl! Please share what you create. I'm sure they will be beautiful!

All The Trappings said...

Yes, y'all! Jill is fab!

I'm sad because we won't be able to have a lesson this week due to schedule conflicts––but next week we're back at it!

Kelle--no promises on revealing my masterpieces, but I may surprise you one day ;)

Jane K. Schott said...

Love these...passing along to a client. Could solve a problem we have had for 6 months....keep your finges crossed. Great work.

All The Trappings said...

Jane! I wish you could see them in person!!!!!

You will NOT be disappointed, they are everything and more than I described.

I will cross my fingers! You will love working with Jill if you do!

xoxo, Andrea