Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Give The Man Some Space, Sheesh!

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I know, I've been holding this reveal hostage for longer than I'd like to admit and keeping you people waiting with baited breath, haven't I? {I'm so full of jokes today}

Remember Gwen Aucoin? The fab photographer? Well, she is a supadupa busy gal and so well worth the wait that we just got around to a lil' photoshoot just a few weeks ago. I am so pleased with her talent––she never disappoints!


 the scene:
 Husband's Client Meeting Space

the project deets:
Create a nice and sophisticated meeting space with a budget of $3.67 and not a penny over 
{Okay, more like $5.00, but who's counting?}
{Okaaaayyyy, seriously––we had NOTHING to work with and the walls were painted  granny's muumuu-mulberry on some walls, and I-wear-highwaisted-pleated-chinos-and chacos-beige on others. Horrors. 

the concept:
 Warm, welcoming, pared down, light, airy, stupidly inexpensive yet nicely appointed. 

   design challenges:

WAY too many to list––remember this post when I urged every last one of you to take my heed and nevahevahEVAHHHH do your own upholstery? This was nearly the death of me––no lie. If I could have stapled my hand to my leg to get out of doing it I would have, but I was in too deep to turn back! 


 a little about the actual space: 
 My husband is a real estate broker––for years he's worked out of the house alongside moi and it's been fab and his needs were very simple–– however, recently his business started to grow rapidly {great!} and he has expanded, which is incredible! It was time for a more professional space ya know? He nor his agents needed an 'officey-office' they just needed a meeting space to have clients over for an hour or two, have coffee, write contracts, etc. So, I set out to design a place for them to feel comfortable, sort of at home, and for clients to feel calm while they were signing their lives away........

Onyx eggs––I got them for a steal!!!!! I was veddy excited when I saw them+the insane price.  I purchased the grass-cloth on eBay, the lamp was nasty with a white body, brass base and dingy shade–– but a little bit of rust-o-leum and spray paint fixed that right up. 

Another accessory I got for a song, these wooden gourd-y, cactus-y deals were a smokin' $12.99.  I went slummin' and found several old beat up books that worked perfectly––all for under $30. 

And voila! The reception area––simple, understated and comfy. To save even more $$ I had to do the artwork myself! Oh, and of course make the arrangement myself too––what I thought would be a manageable task-list ended up being one of those lists that kept exploding––like bread with too much yeast––growingandgrowingandgrowing. I look back with fond memories now, but at the time I was totally about to rip my eyebrows off ;) 

I love how Gwen finds ordinary details and photographs them in such a beautiful way. 

Chairs: Ikea, $39.99 a piece. Remarkably comfortable even though they don't look it. 

Hey, hey is that a giclée? Sho nuff. I was ecstatic that it blended so well. When I ordered it, I became stricken with anxiety that it would come in purple, but it didn't and I let out a big sigh of relief when it was nice and grey like I thought it was :)

On another slummin' excursion I found that trophy for fah bux––snapped that baby right up. 

Yessssss, I know––cardinal sin––flauxrals, but if you can promise me you will go there 2x a week and replace China's best with fresh fleurs, then we can talk––otherwise they are staying ;)

Every time he comes home from the place he tells me no less than 3 times how much he LOVES it–– which makes me feel so good, so lucky and so happy to have done this for him. A satisfied client, no matter if he is your huzzben, is what makes everyday better than the one before it. 

  Çes't tout! 





Cote de Texas said...

omg, this looks fabulous. absolutely fabulous. i really love it. good job girl.

Karen said...

Wow! That room is amazing and has such an inviting, yet professional, feel to it! Congratulations.
Karen@Garden, Home and Party

celeste.white said...

I love, love that wall treatment. And I can't believe you got those chairs at Ikea! You are so creative. Sigh. Come do my house!

All The Trappings said...

Thank you so much ladies!!!!

Celeste, I did!! I searched high and low for them! Does anyone know how nerve-wracking it is to have to order things sight unseen and just hope for the best? I didn't know if the chairs were going to be a walnut stain (like they looked online) or lighter (as they came in). In the end it all worked out well, but I was a ball of stress for at least a week!



Empress of The Eye said...

Great job but the laughs you provided this morning were a welcome relief! I am still laughing...wish you had the upholstery scenes on Youtube. LOL

All The Trappings said...


I was totally cracking myself up writing it too ;)

Oh, let's see: Me+project clothes+hair slicked back and a general look of 'I haven't left the house today' would neverrrrrrrr make it to youtube, my darling. Or, at least I pray to the lawd it never does ;)

Kelle Dame said...

Just found your blog through Pamela Beattie and I love it!! I love how you do awesome work and seem super friendly and funny! Your blog is going right onto my blog roll!!

Claire Menard said...

I love that space Andrea, Great work!!