Friday, October 29, 2010

I Spot Something Sassy! A Brief Introduction Into the Newest Member of My Family

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After years of anguishing and liking many–– but not loving any, I finally found some china that I positively flipped over!

So, now I have 10 of these bad boys in my arsenal and am building my collection in hopes to accommodate 20 (or more)! 

It's an antique Theodore Haviland pattern named Embassy. Surprisingly, I had never seen this pattern anywhere throughout my tireless search for "THE ONE" and could not believe  my little eyes when I did. I don't think my laptop could keep up with the rapid rate that I was jamming the keys to say: BUY BUY BUY! 

It's already making my food taste thoroughly superior to when I serve on my old ironstone plates ;)

{Even when I slack and cook pancakes for dinner}

Have a great weekend, Happy Halloween and don't forget to enter the blog giveway for your chance to win that fantastic piece by Jill Tauzin Broussard! I will throw a dart at my computer screen to randomly choose a winner tomorrow morning!!!!





Karen said...

Yes, food always tastes better on great dishes. Wow, is this pattern still around or are you having to track it down from eBay or Replacements? No matter, 10 is a great start on a perfect pattern.

Have a happy goblin/candy day.

Jane K. Schott said...

You'll never get tired of this pattern...lovely!

Anonymous said...

Finding china you love is the best!! I have Anna Weatherley's Simply Anna with painted Ivy Garland salad plates, and I'm embarrassed to admit that, in nearly three years of marriage, my husband and I have never used it -- but it's gorgeous in the china cabinet! Thanks for the nice comment on our blog. We are actually from NC but love your Louisiana eye!!

Kelle Dame said...

What a beauty! I still need to buy more of ours! Nothing fancy, but fancy enough to make me feel fabulous everyday!

All The Trappings said...

I can't wait to do up something spesh with the plates.

Now the hunt for the perfect salad plates is next. Think it'll take another 5 years? I don't want the same pattern--which is why I never requested china in the 1st place, I mean that's a little much to ask of people--hunt down this pattern that has been discontinued for 80+years for my speciallll day. No thanks ;)


Linda in AZ * said...

* I... ADORE... THIS... PATTERN!!!!

Girlfriend, you are SOOOOO LUCKY that I, dish NUT that I am, did NOT see this first!!! The VERY SECOND I saw it on my screen I almost YELPED "YES!"... (my BRAIN did, but not my voice! Smiles...)...

Sooooo happy to see you won't "ruin" it's uniqueness by trying to find matching ANYTHING to "go" w/ it!!!... It's stunning enought to STAND ON ITS OWN MERITS, and warrants a different, but equally ENCHANTING (I*F that's at all even POSSIBLE!) statement of its own!!!



Linda in AZ *

Linda in AZ * said...

**** ANDREA~ Just "BINGED" ("googled") THEODORE HAVILAND CHINA, "EMBASSY", and LOTS of info, including OLD PIECES AVAILABLE, came up... maybe "LADY LUCK" will help you find the other TEN plates there! (If you DO, and they have MORE, will you E me? I really would like some... I am sooo in love with these, but wouldn't buy them until you had all YOU wanted first!!!)...

BESTEST OF LUCK!!! Linda in AZ *