Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Ultra Thin Line Between Sexy and Beautiful a.k.a. My Unhealthy Lust for Inanimate Objects

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Maison Jansen Collection has got to be some of the sexiest furniture that my eyes have ever laid upon. Steeped in classicism, not a touch too masculine nor a whisp too feminine, Maison Jansen pulled it all off with zeal and keen attention to historical detailing.  The lines are eternally crisp and clear, the finishes are beyond exquisite and the detailing second to none.  I cannot imagine a more perfect reproduction if you ask me.

Jansen Bedside tables via Greenwich Living

Jansen Dining Chairs via Habitat, Ltd. Antiques

Jansen Bureauplats via Herringbone Home

Jansen Marble Top Commode. So unusual! I cannot tell if the marble is Calcutta Oro, but either way, it spells g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!!!

One evening, in my quest for french ranges, I fell upon the Lacanche website. It was love at 1st glance. I literally gasped a great gasp and was feverishly calling Mr. Hotpiece into the living room to feast his eyes on my new crush. He "get's it", but doesn't really "get it".  I told him that I would give my left eyebrow for one of these. He thought I was joking.  One day, kittens.  One day. (and I'd better cook some spectacular meals on that thing).

I also have quite an affinity for Biedermeier Furniture in all of it's fluid, graceful curves and clever restraint.

Biedermeier Sofa via Rita Bucheit

Biedermeier Commode via Ritter Antik

Nothing is sexier than a sexy librarian, except for when the library itself is sexy!
This room is a collaboration between two design greats: Architect Gil Shafer and Designer Miles Redd. (Thanks, Joni)  Further cementing the notion that when a designer and an architect band together in a seamless, working partnership, the outcome is superb! I have always admired the symmetry within this room, the color, the simplicity. Sheer sophistication!

photo via Cote de Texas

Randy Powers has such an adept hand and does such a great job at articulating his clients point of view. His interiors exude sexiness, crispness, restraint and a strong dedication to cultivating over time. I developed a not-so-subtle crush over his work and I am still as in love with his interiors as the 1st time I ever ran across his name.

Photo via Cote de Texas



Cote de Texas said...

That last picture is a collaboration between Gil Shafer and Miles Redd - loving your blog.

Hey = got the new Face, where are you? you were the best thing in there!!! Are those people nuts?

Andrea V. said...

Gawd, Joni. I love you! You're the best. Seriously!

My next, more comprehensive post, should be up and running by next week. I'll let you know :)



Sarah Stewart said...

I admire your obvious passion for what you do! I would love to see how your house is decorated. I am sure it's the envy of all.