Monday, September 27, 2010

Quick, Stylish Gift Wrap Idea

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Over the weekend I attended a good friends wedding––of course I can never do ANYTHING ahead of time so I'm always rushing around at the last minute and needing really quick ideas that come out looking not-so-quick. I had to think fast, knew I didn't have time to wrap a box, so bag it was! But look at how stylish you can make a regular, ho-hum gift bag turn cute with just a few simple items from the craft store. 

What You Need:

• Simple, inexpensive gold gift bag
• Wide satin ribbon (unwired)
• Feathers
• Tissue Paper
• Cardstock
• Double Sided Tape

{I use Adobe Illustrator for the card, but any word processing program should do.}


Simply tie the feathers to the handle with the satin ribbon and affix your card to the ribbon-tails with the double-sided tape. 

Voila! A quick and personalized gift on the go! Even with having to whip up the Illustrator file, this took me 10 minutes, tops. 




abrichard said...

Everything you touch turns to beauty love! I love this idea and you know I am always doing things last I am going to try this soon. Love it!

Kelle Dame said...

Completely fabulous! I would be so happy to see this bag that I would forget there is a present inside! It's like two presents in one!

Clutter Diva said...

Andrea, I'm I share this adorable idea with my friends or keep it to myself to wow my next gift recipient? Hmmmm...