Monday, August 30, 2010

The Effortless {New} Traditionalism of Nancy Boszhardt

Pin It Marisa at Stylebeat was kind enough to whip up a list of the up and coming Kips Bay design roster, and a roster it is! So may talented designers in one house––I'm going to have to figure out when I can go to New York and immerse myself in this particular showhouse when it opens––IN OCTOBER!! **They have 2 months to implement their designs!!! I would totally have a panic attack. I can't even think about it without my throat clenching up! Aaaack!

 I was perusing the websites of some of the designers that I had not heard of and found Nancy Boszhardt (I assume it's prounced just like Beaux-Arts, so I immediately was in love of course). What a TALENT she is! Look at these jaw dropping-images. Pure genius.

Simplicity is {to me} always the best answer. The elegant lines of the chandelier coupled with the slight movement throughout the chairs and table are just right. So beautiful. 
Notice the thin gilding that subtly flanks the molding–– brilliant!


Nancy worked for renowned designer Bunny Williams before starting up Nancy Boszhardt Inc. I would say that's an esteemed accomplishment, don't you? In her bio, it states that she's had a twenty year career prior to opening up her firm, which I find hard to believe due to her youthful beauty!


I flipped over that pendant! Hmm, I wonder why.......tole AND greek key?? Me?


Lacquered walls are just mesmerizing!! I desperately want them somewhere in my house. 

Notice the bedskirt. How sumptuous!! The reeded closet doors also snagged my attention. Beautiful and unexpected. 


She seems to blend so many elements so effortlessly. I'm obsessed with that fixture. I designed a fixture in a similar vein for our kitch, but hers is more lovely I can assure you. 

So, what do you think? Are you as captivated by this talent as I? I think she's just the cat's pajamas and I am DYING to see what she {among others} comes up with for Kips Bay. I'm certain it will not disappoint!

Who are your favorites for Kips Bay? I want to know! Are you as excited as I am? 




Empress of The Eye said...

Reeded closet doors...brilliant!

All The Trappings said...

Jane, it's because of you that I found her! You posted Marisa's blog as a link on facebook, I clicked, I snooped and here we go! The internet is an amazing thing, eh?

Kelle Dame said...

Absolutely captivated! She is extremely talented! Thanks for sharing this designer with all of us. I so want to go!! I saw on Vicente Wolfe's blog that he is taking part and that is one room I would just die to see!

All The Trappings said...


Let's go! We can dress as journalists--outfitted with houndstooth trenchcoats, monocles, mustaches and fedoras. We'll look cute ;)

Kelle Dame said...

Yeah we will!! I seriously looked into going to this with my friend and the only weekend we can go is also the weekend of some marathon, so ALL the cheap hotels are booked! Too bad we can't afford to live it up Waldorf Astoria style ;)I'd be all over that!

decorative deluxe said...

ya know I love the Greek Key pendant and the red lacquered room is FABULOUS!