Friday, August 20, 2010

What Are You Listening To These Days?

Pin It I'd love to know what everyone is listening to because I received a hot little iTunes gift certificate and it's burning a hole in my pocket. 

I was taken by this song Joanna Newsom today so I'll do a little rainy day roundup for ya. All of these songs are comfort music to me, what's your's? 

**Give her voice a chance––at 1st I was having a hard time with her pitch, but at about 45 seconds into the song, I appreciated her brilliance. 

Andrew Bird just never gets old to me. God he's a genius! Excellent live too. 

Bon Iver just may be my favorite rainy day or wintery album. 

So, What's your MUST BUY album lately? I'd love to know. 





Karen said...

Wow! I'm not sure I have any recommendations but thank you introducing me to both Andrew Bird and Bon Iver---I loved their sound. I'm a fan of Keane, don't know if he has any new stuff but the older CDs I have I enjoy. Good luck with your gift cards.

All The Trappings said...

Oh Karen--Andrew Bird is just brilliant. Definitely check out Noble Beast (his latest). Through and through it's a fine piece of work :)

Bon Iver as well. The whole album is fantastic. Lot's of dimension and so much talent for such a young person :)

I'm SO glad to hear I turned you on to new music! Besides design, music is my 1st love and I enjoy sharing it with everyone.

Kelle Dame said...

I can really appreciate Joanna's sound. Thanks for introducing us to her music. It's a different upbeat sound...beautiful!

shari @ little blue deer said...

I love the idea of rainy day music, mine is Beth Orton, for sure! Great picks here! Love your blog, happy to be your newest follower!