Thursday, June 3, 2010

These Lamps Flip My Switch

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Today, a colleague of mine and I were talking shop, which of course lead me to visit to a few of my favorite resources just to see what's new. Being that lighting may very well be my favorite element of a successful room I {without hesitation} proceeded to squander 30 minutes perusing the selection and dreaming up rooms that I could use the finds in. You know, of course my dilly-dallying is a perfect excuse to create a blog-post to share with you a few lamps that I LOVE and constantly salivate over. 

Two companies that I often refer to and continually love more and more are Decorative Crafts (trade only) and Circa Lighting.  These two sources are the cats pajamas in my book and are so dedicated to only using the finest materials and designs which is so admirable these days. These are more than lamps, they are pieces of art––they stand alone and could easily be the piece de resistance in any room.

Decorative Crafts

It excites me so much whenever I see a lighting designer take a modern approach to the bouillote . To me, there's nothing more graceful than the tole shade and the refined brass's just wonderfully classic. And here, even being a touch modern, this particular lamp is sure to resist falling out of fashion anytime soon. 

Decorative Crafts

This crystal and brass base is stunning! I love that its not too much but definitely enough. 

Decorative Crafts

I want this one so terribly. I think its tastefully refined and has some lovely elements of classicism––which would look great just about anywhere. 

Circa Lighting


Circa Lighting

This kills me its so exquisite!

Circa Lighting

I would love to know how heavy this is. All I know is that is heavily gorgeous!

Circa Lighting

I love the small nod to greek-key here as well as the alabaster base. So lovely!

Have a great weekend, everyone. We have set out to do projects around the house this weekend––consider it progress part deux––because you all know how quickly we are getting this place in shape, right? {Riiiiiggghtt}





Anonymous said...

I love them all!! You are so right-they would make a bold statement in any room!! Thanks, Andrea!


Alabaster! Wow! What a piece!