Monday, June 28, 2010

Pass The Equal, Sugar-- Pretty Please?

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This blogpost is centered around an issue that is so dear to me, as I have many friends in the LGBT community, and I want nothing more than for all humans to have equal rights and love whomever they choose without discrimination. 

Friday night, the Forum for Equality along with my close friends and neighbors, Ty Hanes and
 Ken DelaVergne hosted an art show at Ty and Ken's artist studios and gallery, The Alamo. 

Ty and Kenny converted a complex of long-abandoned warehouses into a great example of 
adaptive re-use. One side is the artists studios and gallery, and on the other, Ty has a retail shop named RETROMODERN {more on that later}.  Upstairs is a loft that the two share, and unfortunately I ran out of time today so I wasn't able to photograph it. Trust me, its fab! 

What was so great about this event {besides the obvious: good food, free wine, I mean}...... was that the turnout was fantastic––all of the artists who graciously participated are supporters of the LGBT community.  Everyone had fun, the art was well selected and we all united for something we wholeheartedly believe in.

These are works by Stephanie Patton. The white leather channeled piece is absolutely incredible in person. And the I Love You, was so fun and irreverent, it made me laugh! I'd like to know more behind the pregnancy exercise pose signs, because they were so eye-catching and vivid in their bubblegum pink, I gravitated to them immediately. 

I also LOVED this huge piece by Jack Rivas. Unfortunately for me, it was not for sale! I'm a fan of mixed media and collage, so of course I just ate this up. 

A photograph from my friend Colin Miller. Colin's approach is one I admire due to the polarity in his work. He's highly stylized, pointed and his subjects tend to be very political in nature. Colin is also the Southern Field Director for the Forum for Equality and had a large part in curating the show.  Bravo, Colin!


Next door to The Alamo, is Retromodern, Ty's precious shop. Ty finds great pieces of mid-century furniture coupled with a few neo-classical accouterments, a lil' smattering of tribal, and anything in between. The prices are G R E AT. Lots of cute things to be had.  Plus, he'll brew a pot of coffee in the drop of a hat.....visiting with him ALWAYS puts me in a good mood! {Love you, Tybaby!}

I told Ty that the jury is still out on that statue! If there's anything about me, I'm honest--probably more than most people can handle, but I digress ;)

Butterfly collections are hothothot right now!


Please, love your loved ones, whether they are straight, gay or transgendered. Your love and support to them means so much and their impact on your life is tremendous, I can assure you. If you would like to get involved with activism in the SW La region, please contact Colin through the Forum For Equality website. What they need is support and numbers behind them, and then a truly equal America can be that much closer to being realized.



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Colin said...

The Retromodern and the Alamo are such cool spots in Lafayette that don't get nearly enough attention. And the event on the 25th was a blast! Nice reporting!