Thursday, June 17, 2010

Copy And Paste Blogpost Thursdays! Yayy!!

Pin It {{I know, I'm so blog-lazy these days––It must be that oppressive heat I told you all about a few weeks ago }} So, in the spirit of my grande-laziness, let's devour these pretty photos together shall we?

**Okay, after not being to identify the source of the photos, I'll admit--I've had these pictures for years and did not properly archive them so I have a mish-mash collective of pretty pictures that I rediscovered today. I would, in any other circumstance, give credit where credit is due!


A study in subtlety in shades of cream. I think I squealed like a girl when I saw this! One of my all time favorites :) **I had it saved as Marian McEvoy, but cannot confirm if this is indeed her work. Whomever the designer, they did such a lovely job!


As much as it pains me to say this, I don't know who the designer of this is either, or even where I snagged it from!  But! I do  L O V E  the wall color and the very well done  gallery grouping, and the flame mahogany and the english regency chair. I mean, I just love this vignette –– I could go on and on!



Another gallery done well. I love the camel, crisp-white and green together. Refreshing!


The artwork! It brings such vibrance to the serene palette. 


Does Gerrie Bremermann EVER miss? I swear I have thought about replicating these urns about 1000x. I'm certain my crude interpretation would pale in comparison, but whaddaya think––I could at least give it a shot, eh?

Now wasn't that fun? Have a great weekend everyone! If I sit down again and pilfer through the tons of photos that I have stored on my computer, I'll be sure to share with you :)





Things That Inspire said...

The first picture is Kerry Joyce; the picture with the large piece of artwork is the VP's residence when Dick Cheney lived there, and the designer was Frank Babb Randolph. Hope that helps! Great pictures.

All The Trappings said...

Oh, thank you!!!! You know, I was like: Marian McEvoy was a magazine editor/author, so I don't know why it was saved that way. Dick Cheney? Really? Off to dig up all I can on Frank Babb Randolph and Kerry Joyce! Loads of talent!

Thank you so much for the clarification!