Friday, February 12, 2010

A Joni Inspired Post

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I just read a new post on Cote de Texas, a wonderful blog written by a very dear friend, Joni Webb. If you have never heard of this blog (hard to imagine because it might just be the most widely read design blog on the planet), check out the link and visit her!! She's a JEWEL of a person and a very talented writer not to mention an incredibly gifted designer.

Joni has just discovered Art for Kids, a maker of gorgeous children's furnishings for the discriminating tot. Up until a few months ago, I wrote a column in a local magazine and our focus in one particular month was babiesbabiesbabies! So I took this theme and ran with it, setting out to design a dream room. I had a BLAST and without a client or budget, I was able to create something that was purely indulgent, quintessentially girly and completely from my point of view. Now, all I need to do is have a babygirl to truly live out this fantasy room. (Calm down, Joni, Momzie & Mary.....we're still holding out and have enough with the dog and two cats so don't get any ideas just yet ;)

Starting with the Cherubini crib from AFK as my main inspiration, I was able to pull together a room that our babygirl could grow with over the years. I feel strongly that investment pieces will carry you through a lifetime and I built the room around select pieces that were 1. timeless and 2. didn't scream babybabybaby. This way, the room can evolve over the years without multiple major overhauls-- only with a few minor adjustments as needed, which is most cost effective in the long run. Plus, when babygirl grows up and gets a home of her own, these great furnishings can easily be worked in to her new digs.

Enjoy the eye-candy, and HAPPY MARDI GRAS!!!!!!!!





celeste.white said...

I think I may have children just to furnish a room that looks like THAT! Can't agree more about investment pieces - I did the opposite and boy did I pay for it. Next time, you'll be getting a phone call.


Cote de Texas said...

Awwwwwww chat!!!!!!!! You are the sweetest and the
best friend. Thank you!!!! I am in Florida, call you when I get home.

Andrea V.@ said...


Celeste- You have to wait for me to have a baby and we can do this together. Then we can get fat at the same time.

Joni- Of course! I thought you had known about AFK when I did that article a few months ago! They are awesome!!! Truly exquisite. What are you doing in Florida???? I'll be sitting right by the phone to hear all of the dish ;)



Anonymous said...

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'Ailina said...

How timely this post is! My husband is reviewing designs now for inspiration. He's building a crib/bed for this one. I'd love to see that article. Is it published online?

Andrea V.@ said...


Are you expecting a girl? How exciting! I'll email you the pdf of the article. I reworked a separate illustrator file for this post so the article is a little bit different :)