Saturday, February 6, 2010

If This Doesn't Move You, Then Honey, You Ain't Got No Soul

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Oh, my. Louisiana is in a FRENZY right now. Mardi Gras always gets us a little more excited than Christmas, but the SAINTS GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL PLUS MARDI GRAS???? Now that, my friends, is something so special, so long-awaited, so integral to our spirit and culture, I can't even describe it to you if your are not from here.

It's as if all of our worries have melted away, our pride is up front and center and we want to show the world and everyone in it just how much we love our state, our team, our culture.  I mean, it's so serious that Monday is an unofficial holiday; schools are closing and some businesses have granted employees a day off. Not to mention that people are changing their Facebook names to things like Andrea Whodat Veron; updating their statuses from single to "Married to Jeremy Shockey" and creating fictitious Facebook pages to validate this pretend marriage.  Serious, y'all!

I'm not a big football fan, but you can bet your rusty doubloon that I am watching this game. With players being donned monikers like Breesus Christ and all of the days of the week changed to: Mondat, Tuesdat, Wednesdat, Thursdat, Fridat, Saturdat and Sundat, could you resist??

Enjoy this lil' diddy by the GREAT Professor Longhair, a man that has channeled the whole spirit of Louisiana into his songs. If you want to come to Louisiana, but haven't made it here yet, then listen to this and know what your experience will feel like. Put Louisiana on your list of "MUST DO before I die". Trust me!

Happy Mardi Gras and GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!!!


I had to add this today (I forgot about it) ------ I hear that our Msgr. Derouen of St. Johns Cathedral wore all white vestments with a Saints jersey on top for 11 o'clock mass! WHO DAT! Lawday! 

Isn't this sign just the cats pajamas???



bayou contessa said...

Oh Honey, You All Dat!!! And Mardi Gras, too. It don't get no better than this!!!

Andrea V.@ said...

Saints+Superbowl+Mardi Gras+ Bayou Contessa stopping by my blog and saying I'm "All Dat"??????? I'm WAY over the moon!

Can't wait to stop by N+O and check out what all the buzz is about!




'Ailina said...

WOO HOO!!! We love our Saints!!! Louisiana OWNS it this year!!!

Alycia Nichols said...

I'm a Chiefs fan during the regular season, but my neighbors and I got together for a Super Bowl Party to cheer the Saints on to victory! A tiny vindication for the whole Katrina thing, we were all so glad to see Drew & the rest of the Saints mow 'em down!