Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sometimes I Just Like To Play

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All from my yard! Thank goodness for plants that grow themselves year after year, because this gangrene thumb couldn't even keep the fresh thyme {that I bought  in a planter!!} alive for more than three days. I quietly wept as it rapidly withered.......

The girly-girly fru-fru china was passed down to me from my great-aunt, rest her lovely soul. Isn't it sweet?  It inspires me want to make some Marie Antoinette-like confections and have an all out girly date replete with champagne and a shoe-fashion show.




Kelle Dame said...

Beautious! I would so attend such a fete! I totally have a gangrene thumb! Have a great weekend gurl!

Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

Just lovely...

Brit Broussard said...

Love this and those beautiful hydrangeas. Can I come picks some?

All The Trappings said...

Thanks everyone :) Y'all are too sweet!

They have passed their prime by now :( I'll look to see if I have any that are still pretty and I'll cut them for you.
I DO have plenty of those pink weed-flower deals as they grow in the oddest places (including gravel). You're welcome to many of those!