Monday, June 27, 2011

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See a common theme? 

Stay tuned. 
Hint: We're going on a staycation over 4th of July.........



Squeak said...

I'm going to hazard a guess and say chandeliers in the kitchen!

E. Lee said...

New kitchen? Ssso Jealous! Have fun on your staycation!

Kayla Lemaire said...


All The Trappings said...

Waampwhaaaa. My plans were foiled last night!

The Man stated that I am being overly ambitious with the amount of projects that I'd like to carry out over a tight turn-around--plus I forgot that we have an unpretty project: roof. Like I care, c'mon. I'm only interested in pretties.

I envisioned a *light* remodel. Read: paint entire downstairs (all millwork is stained nasty brown), new flooring in the kitch (the checkerboard tile in the pics) paint cabinets, possible new fixtures, and scrape the dang popcorn ceilings throughout downstairs (who puts that in a 100yr old home?)

The kibosh was put on my plans last night! So, *some*things will get done, maybe others no ;)
It may not be a revolutionary change to internetland, but to us, a small change is a huge change -- it is SO dark and gloomy in here and I can't take it any more. NO MO!

Send him some grisgris so he'll change his mind.........