Friday, February 18, 2011

Circle of Influence • My Favorite Designers

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Earlier this week, I was reading Jan Showers' blog––a MUST read if you're a Jan-fan. This week she chronicled 10 of her design influences, which many of her choices are designers that I admire myself. It got me to thinking about who I love design-wise and as Ty Larkins says "Can do no wrong."

Of course, Jan and Ty are high on the list! But today, I'd like to start with a designer that I think we'll be hearing and seeing tons more about: Amy D. Morris.  of Atlanta.  I identify with her refined, sophisticated and fresh approach––I'd call it southern-forward. I admire her restraint and ability to liven up the classic bones of the familiar while incorporating nuances of the unexpected. 

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If there is anything that supersedes perfection, this living room is it in my book. 

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So refined. So classic. 

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Amy has a love for intaglios just like myself. 

I've had this file for years upon years now, and this image is how I became aware of Amy. I'm not sure if there is a bathroom out there that I love more than this one! That tub!!! Gorgeous! 


Every now and then, I come across a design-soulmate and I'd say that Amy is most definitely one of them. I think her career is just going upupup and I can't wait to see more of her talent unfold, don't you? 

Stay tuned for more of my favorite designers––believe me, I have so many I could likely fill a month's worth of blog posts! 

Have a great weekend, everyone.





Kelle Dame said...

Her work is so refreshing! I love the velvety browns with the crisp white! I too have dreamed of that tub on several occasions....sigh!
Keep em coming!
Have a great weekend!

courteneykay said...

how cool is the x hardware on that sleek desk!

have a great weekend!

All The Trappings said...

Kelle- Isn't it?? I did up this post only to want moremoremore images from her. I just admire her work a ton.

Courtneykay- YES MA'AM. I saw that and instantly fell in love. Also adore that lyreback chair to go along with it. And the crystal lamps andandand.........she's good, y'all :)


quintessence said...

Love every single one of these beautiful images!! I realized I had seen her work before but had never put it together - love it!! Classic, elegant, refined but never boring - could easily hop into any of these shots and be totally at home!

michele at hellolovelyinc said...

omg, that bath. thx for introducing me to her work. i love your eye for chic!