Monday, February 7, 2011

Atelier-Magasin • A Louisiana Artists' Collective in New Orleans

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My pal, the fantastic artist, George Marks is not a man to rest on his laurels. George is always creating, always sinking his teeth into a new project, always working on something exciting in his world. A few months ago, he mentioned that his dream of having a studio in New Orleans was closer to becoming a reality. At the time we spoke, he was conceptualizing, dreaming and working the details out for this new endeavor, and I just knew it was going to be top-notch. George dreams big and has the energy and enthusiasm to go after it all. So admirable!

He set out to create an artists' collective; a place where Louisiana artists––whether they be painters, sculptors or designers of custom home accouterments––could showcase their brilliant efforts.  Securing an adorable space on Magazine St. in New Orleans with great bones and tall ceilings, George quickly banded together with like-minded folks and Atelier-Magasin was born! 

So far, the collective features some of the most sought after names buzzing around today. Check out all of the fabulous talent housed under one roof!



I'm in lovelovelove!!!!! With both the plaster sculptures and the painting by Julie Silvers.

I'm just discovering Julie and I must say, I have to meet this lady!!!! 

These vessels are to die for. I'm already plotting the perfect space for them in my home. Absolutely gorgeous.



These spectacular custom cocktail tables from Kathy Slater Interiors are the cat's pajamas. Kathy is an incredibly talented interior designer who has harnessed her great taste and keen eye by designing a line of furniture that I am quite smitten with. Atelier-Magasin is housed in one half of a double-shotgun with Kathy being the neighbor in the other half. Smart combo, if you ask me. 

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Kelly Guidry  (I realize that some of you won't know how to pronounce his last name, so I'll help you: {Gidj-Ree}) is a very well-known artist in South Louisiana. For as long as I can remember,  he has been a part of the buzz here in Lafayette. Using chainsaws and other power tools, he sculpts in such fine detail, as if it were by hand. Just imagine that for a minute! I'd love to watch his process one day. 

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Fifi's lighting has graced the pages of Southern Accents (sniff. I still cry); the tables of Emeril Lagasse; and the halls of the Ritz-Carlton among other generous nods. Her hand-blown creations are so representative of the "New, New Orleans" aesthetic––fresh, breezy, crisp.  Beautiful!



Clay's works in charcoal have such depth and realism within them. He captures the human spirit beautifully and in such great detail––according to his website, watching his children grow has become his biggest inspiration. Clay is a native of Lafayette, and I am so thrilled for him to be a part of such a great cadre of artists. 



The brainchild behind it all. George has always been one of my favorite local artists, not to mention favorite people! A true breath of fresh air, he is. As I stated earlier, he is one that never stops moving, never stops generating ideas and is always forging new alliances with other artists. I admire his zeal!

I've used George's artwork in a recent post on Pantone's Color of the Year 2011. See it here.

George has this wonderful combination of primitive sophistication that I just adore. His use of color is especially interesting––pairing soft pastel hues with moody and dramatic tones. The results are so striking. His layered approach and play of positive and negative space within his paintings makes me want to just dive into them. 

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Want to stop in? Stroll over to 3954 Magazine Street  in New Orleans when you have a chance! I know that I'm dying to go, and it better be soon. 

You can also find Atelier-Magasin on Facebook here.
 "Like" them to make sure that you stay abreast of all that is going on. Just last weekend they had the 1st of many gallery openings, which sadly I was not able to attend. George did let me know that he has great things planned coming up soon, so to stay tuned. 




celeste.white said...

Oh, I was in New Orleans this weekend and I'm so sad I missed this place! How lovely. I'll have to stop by next month when I return!

Kelle Dame said...

I'm in love too!! I'll have to stop back and look at this again. It's just so much too take in at once!! I must come visit this place!!
Thanks for sharing! Have a great week! Thank you for your sweet comment on my "humble thyself" post. You made my day!

george marks said...

Hey A, thank you so much for the kind words. I'm lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful people and great talent. Like the concept of "terroir" their individual roots are planted deep in their perspective regions. They share the same soil, weather and culture that give each a specific identity/personality. Combine the artist’s yield of Acadiana and NO and you get Atelier-Magasin! Peace, ciao g

Maureen said...

Wow, what a wonderful space. Beautiful!!!! So glad to see so much talent in one place. Congrats to you all! Can't wait to see it in person. the passion!

Jill Hackney said...

Congratulations to the artists! I am really excited to see this concept for a co-op. A place to appreciate the value of great craftsmanship in hand-made fine art and fine craft that work well together.

All The Trappings said...

Thanks, everyone! I know that this concept will inspire so many great alliances, it's just going to be incredible!So happy for George and everyone that is a part f it all

Jill Hackney- You are my not so secret art crush. I'm quite flattered that you stopped by! I've always loved your wow wow. We met at Nunu's about 2 years ago, but I'm not sure if you'd remember me! We were sitting there with George, Anne McLeod and a few others :)


quintessence said...

Wow - what an incredible space filled with so much talent! I love so many of these beautiful pieces.

Tommy Usrey said...

Congratulations, George. What a nice tribute to your genius and foresight. Can't wait to go to N.O. Love your work. I'd never seen your work before and really look forward to seeing it in real time!

Naomi Cordill said...

This is great! Will have to see it myself when in NO. Are only south LA artists able to show? Thanks for sharing--Naomi

Naomi Cordill
Administrative Coordinator
Louisiana Partnership for the Arts
4030 Front Street
Suite B
Winnsboro, LA 71295
318435-0029 ph/fax

Debbie Lagrange said...

Soooooooo Cooooooool!!!!

Love it!


Gary & Olga Teplitsky said...

George: Congratulations on your gallery opening. It looks just beautiful and the photographs are amazing. We will stop by when we both are in NOLA soon. Olga is painting and working in our office/apartment and is very happy working in the Quarter. She just loves Louisiana and is inspired once again to do what she was born to do.
PS: What are the hours of the gallery, and are you around during the weekend.

Gary & Olga Teplitsky

Anonymous said...

Such a great space and art!! It's wonderful to see such dynamic work in one space. And the GUMBO couldn’t have been more delicious. Thanks, Rennie

George Marks said...

Thanks everyone. Please drop by and visit with all the great artists involved. Read more about the Fifi and the studio in next weeks Gambit and look for one of Julie Silver's vessels in an upcoming issue of House Beautiful magazine. Again, thanks for the kind words! peace, ciao g

Scott and Angela said...

Congrats, G, on the opening! What an amazing space with even more amazing art work. Everything was simply beautiful.

Mavis Fruge said...


Enjoyed A.V's Atelier-Magasin visit, the one I missed. Had no idea you had such a variety. Love it all, can't wait to see with my own eyes. What a good mix you've brought together.

Bonne chance!


Cote de Texas said...

those coffee tables are fabulous! i love those!!! how much?

Jerilyn Guidry LaVergne said...

Contratulations to all the artists involved. Wish I could have been present for the opening.

Jane K. Schott said...

What a fabulous resource for designers who always go to Magazine Street for new and interesting interior elements.

I love the tables by Miss Slater. FAB!

Ashley said...

Oh I LOVE George's and Kelly's work. I can't wait to check out the space. This is good stuff!

michele at hellolovelyinc said...

oooooooh, George is one of my favorites!!! thank you for this news which finds this midwestern girl longing to head south!