Monday, January 3, 2011

Sounds Good To Me Music Series: José Gonzales and Yann Tiersen

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2011 has started of quietly and peacefully for the Veron household––what had been planned as a raucous exit to 2010 quickly faded to a bottle of wine and an all night hang-out just us two. I'm not sure if that's cute or a big indicator that we are––ahem––getting old. It gets the best of us, eh? 

In the spirit of being more quiet and reflective right now, I'd like to share a bit of what I listen to when I am feeling a bit more introspective. 

 José Gonzales is a quiet, whispery type of musician. The kind that compliments a an afternoon of painting or a low-key evening shared amongst friends. I love his original music, but these two covers are EXCELLENT in my opinion. 

José covers 'Heartbeats' by The Knife. I actually prefer his version over the original.

And here he covers 'Teardrop' by Massive Attack, a band that I love and have seen live. I love both versions. Wildly different, but both fantastic. 

Yann Tiersen is one of my favorite contemporary composers. I get to see him in February and I can't wait!! He wrote the score for both 'Amélie' and 'Goodbye, Lenin!'. If you have not seen either, I recommend adding them to Netflix immediately!

'Summer 78' ' from the 'Goodbye Lenin!' soundrack––gorgeous! 

Here's 'Comptine d'un autre ete' off of the Amélie Soundtrack. I love the whole soundtrack, but this song is absolutely my favorite.

What are your resolutions? Do you make any?  I typically don't, but this year I'm feeling a certain higher-state-of consciousness going on and it got me to thinking: "If I am going to even have a resolution in 2011, what is something I could work on that would, in essence, trump all other 'get rich, get skinny, eat well'" resolutions that magically disappear from our brains in 6 weeks?

2011 is a year that I have chosen to examine the basis of my decision-making and reactions to certain instances. I'm a big proponent of not living in fear and making clear, confident decisions versus fear-based ones. However, I realized the other day that on occasion, I have visceral reactions to words, actions, situations and on some level, I can let a bit of fear––whether recognized at the time or not––dictate how I will move forward. I prefer not to operate in that manner in any capacity of my life and am thankful that I was able to recognize it on the wake of MMXI. 

So guess what? It's time to examine, confront and quite frankly, evolve. It feels good already and I truly believe that everything else falls right into place when you take control of not just your actions, but your reactions by living everyday with stone-cold honesty and authenticity––even when it means facing every ounce of fear you may have in your bones. I swear I've shed 10 pounds already.  

Here's to a happy, healthy, more conscious 2011 :)




Jane K. Schott said...

2011: First up - divorce after 15 years.
Next, move to a 55+ retirement village where the median age is 77, but only 5 miles to the ocean and it's paid for.
Slip into social security monthly payments, better than nothing.
More time to read and enjoy myself alone.
Plans to travel to Italy and Scotland, hopefully some places in between.
Love my cat as much as he loves me.
So, we shall see what 2011 does bring to me.

E. Lee said...

Wonderful tunes and a wonderful post! Has me contemplating my goals for 2011. 2011, really?

All The Trappings said...


You will be THE hot young chick around there! Excited about your travels--I look forward to seeing your posts about them! I'm excited for you--as I'm sure there are many difficult aspects to the transition you are experiencing--this is also a GIFT. A new lease on life. A time for you to transform, grow and bloom. I'm looking forward to watching from afar and seeing you take it all in :)

E. Lee- I know! Ugh. I said as if turning 30 last year wasn't enough to wreck me--I'll be 31 this year. Gag. Hopefully I don't get all manic like I did last year around birthday time ;) That was a lil' much ;)

But 2011 will be a fantastic year, I can feel it!

Kelle Dame said...

No resolutions over here :)My husband tried to get me to agree not to do anything major to the house for an entire year!!! I was like "DREAM on!!" That is like asking me not to breathe! Geesh!
I love your resolution! How inspiring! If there was ever one that I actually have any interest in sticking to it would be just that. You go girl!
PS All I can see is Jose's gorgeous hair...I'm just sayin!

Anonymous said...

Bring on the conscious evolution, girl!!! I'm right there with ya hon.