Monday, January 10, 2011

Sounds Good To Me Music Series: Chicks Rock!

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Today I bring to you 3 artists who have a few things in common: They all have the XX stamped into their DNA. They rarely make it out of the rotation in my playlist.  They are all artists whom I have not had the pleasure to see live. 


Liz Phair 'Exile in Guyville' has not left my earshot for more than 6 months since I was 14 years old. Creature of habit much? I highly recommend if you fall into the following categories: Going through a breakup? I recommend this album. In the mood for clever lyrics and engaging arrangements? Liz is your girl. To me, this is by far Liz's best work (amazingly it was her 1st!)

I've listened to this particular Cat Power album 'You Are Free' for oh, a good 8 years now. Through and through it's a fine piece of work. Some songs are a tad slow for my personal taste, but all in all––an excellent album with a genre-pushing list of songs good for all types of moods. 

Now, Thao With The Get Down Stay Down 'We Brave Bee Stings and All'. I FLIPPED when I first heard this band! We discovered them just a couple of years ago. Great album, great band. Fun and solemn, nostalgic and current. Always makes me feel good when I have this one on. 

Who are your favorite chick rockers? New or old, tell me! I love knowing what everyone listens to and I love rediscovering artists that I may have forgotten about. 

Have a great week everyone!





Linda in AZ * said...

* Hi Andrea... Sorry, but I couldn't stay to listen. Having the American flag draped around that girl's shoulders and body was just... welllll, I can't even find the WORDS to express how it hit me...

I usually enjoy your blog, tho...

Linda in AZ *

All The Trappings said...

Linda- My apologies for inadvertently offending you. I try my very hardest to be extremely discerning about what I include on this blog and that is not limited to videos for the music series. My intention is never to offend or even spark political debate in this corner of the internet and I certainly have no interest in doing so at this time, or any other. In fact, I thought that Cat Power was wearing a halter-top until you pointed it out.

To that end, I maintain that this series is about the music, which I am wholeheartedly passionate about sharing, and not in any capacity a reflection on my political leanings (which my readers will likely never be privy to). Moreover, nor is this blog a platform to express anything of such or make a statement on the aforementioned sensitive subjects.

Please keep in mind that I do not make the videos, and believe me, if there was a way to stream a file through iTunes versus a YouTube video in efforts to spread the word, I would do so in a heartbeat.

Thank you for understanding,


Linda in AZ * said...

*** Hi, Andrea... I just came by to see what's new... I sure do HOPE that YOU weren't offended by MY comments, girlfriend! You know, we all have our "sensitive spots", and that just happens/ed to be mine... Still FRIENDS?????...

Best to you,
Linda in AZ *

All The Trappings said...

Linda- I wasn't offended at all. I just wanted to clarify that by featuring the video, it was not to make a political statement in any manner (the only other video of the song had a banner promoting a music pirating site--which is something that personally makes my 'sensitive spots' go into overdrive, so I chose to feature this one) not even realizing that I could potentially offend someone else at all.

Again, I never meant to be cavalier, and I'll try my best to be even more selective next time :) *Hopefully I'll have figured out a way to stream a playlist vs video by next week! Ha!