Sunday, December 5, 2010

This Time I'm Walkin' In New Orleans

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Have you ever done the Magazine Street Stroll?? No? If you're an antique lover, then you MUST put it on your bucket list, trust me! Of course we love New Orleans for the music, the food, the culture, the architecture; but New Orleans is home to some FABULOUS shopping if you didn't already know.

When I was hopping around Magazine Street the other day I had the chance to stop in and visit with some of the most welcoming shop owners in the south––truly sweet people with great taste and superb southern hospitality.

This is only a tiny little cluster of Magazine Street featured today––the road goes on for MILES, and ALL of the shops have the most amazing inventory! Hopefully I can make this into a series and showcase all of my other favorites as I travel back to the city.

Care to take a stroll with me?


1st stop: Source.

The gals at Source. really know how to combine the 'fresh, new and shiny' with the 'old, aged and unusual'. I absolutely fell in LOVE with this store, and Jennifer, one of the owners, was a doll. She urged me to move to New Orleans, so I immediately took to her––anyone feeding any more fuel for me to try to talk myself in to moving there is BFF material in my book ;)

 Loved, loved LOVED the pillows scattered throughout the store. And the faint Gustavian grey they chose for the finish updated that shield back chair into this century. Gorgeous!

The Barnacle Vase is beautiful!! 

I just flipped over this little French Deco side chair, just beautiful!

Isn't this shop a dream??

Pretty Pretty Pretty!!!! I kept falling in love over and over again!

Artwork by Sonya Shinn Edwards---you'll be hearing more about her, so stay tuned!!! I was entirely captivated by her beautiful!!!!


Next Stop: Piranesi Antiques

I was able to visit with Cary, one of the owners of Piranesi. She was a delight!!!! A former attorney (I'm seeing a trend with this attorney-turned-antiquarian/decorator, business––have you noticed the same?) Cary was as relaxed and down-to-earth as they come. Very sweet and knowledgeable with a fantastic eye, Cary's shop is a must see. 

Those petite fauteuil's were SO pretty with the deep grey outline on the decorative finish. 

LOVE the Italian(?) papier mache scrolls!!!! (they look Italian to me, what do you think?)  My mind was turning rapidly over where they could go in my home. 

If you know me, you know I'm a pure sucker for Maison Jansen pieces. This grand ottoman was TO DIE FOR!!! Perfectly patined, and great proportions––to me, this was the piéce de resistance amongst a sea of piéces des resitances (said in backwoods accent).

Piranesi runs the gamut on period pieces. From heavily adorned to straighforward and primitive it's all here, and well selected at that. 


And Across The Street, Bush Antiques:
The eponymous Bush Antiques!! Bush was one of the 1st on the Magazine Scene, starting in 1969. Their specialty is in beds, BUT as you can see, Bush offers a prime selection of many other beautiful pieces. The owner, Allain, is PRECIOUS! A tiny lady with a lot of spunk and a bit of funkiness––she was all smiles the whole time I was there devouring her inventory. I thought she was just cuter than cute!

!!!!!!!!!!! My heart raced over this turned wood chandy!!!! Love LOVE LOVE this!

 These handpainted doors were so pretty. There must have been 8 of them!

The burled desk was FABULOUS in person!!!

What a beautiful gift this set of cordial decanters would make! (HINT HINT)

How unusual! I really liked this bed.

 Dang, if I wouldn't have changed my last name when I got married, this beaut could have found it's way into my house! My maiden name started with "M"––isn't that FINE?

So sweet!

OOH, look at that handpainted neoclassical detail on the daybed!! 

I personally love a good brass lamp and papier mache shade. Perfect! But I was most interested in those gilded sconces––a beautiful pair, indeed!

Bush also has a fairly vast selection of ecclesiastical remnants. Love that Blackamoor statue-turned-lamp, too!


Last But NOT Least, Leontine Linens:

A trip to Magazine is not complete without stopping in at Leontine Linens. Leontine is simply the BEST for custom, personalized linens. Susan, the go-to gal over at Leontine is fantastic! Talkative and positive, Susan makes sure everyone is well taken care of as you walk through the shop. Take a gander––it's PRECIOUS!

Lavender linen-velvet!! Lucite & Scallops!! Is this not the most dreamy storefront ever??

The headboard is made of high-gloss Formica! A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!

EVERY appliqué at Leontine is made by hand. A guild of ladies in Kentucky painstakingly create all of this beauty with time-honored methods like your great-grandmother would.

I always say "I'm not a fan of monogram, UNLESS it's Leontine" I'm serious!  To me, it's the only way to go!

Ok,  is this enough gorgeousness for you today?? I had such fun on my Magazine Stroll––I sincerely hope to do it again soon! If you ever get the chance to visit New Orleans heed this advice: Ditch the Hurricane's at Pat-O's, skip right over Bourbon altogether and head straight to Magazine––the boundless beauty will give you a far better buzz ;)




Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

WOW! What a fabulous display of amazing merchandise. I can just tell that you were nearly faint when you were walking thru these shops. I don't know how you held your camera study. Can't wait for part II.

All The Trappings said...

Jane, you've been there FOR SURE, right??? I couldn't imagine that when you were a Texan you had not gone to Magazine! I mean, Houston has some ridiculously good shopping, too--but New Orleans is it's own antique subculture!

I'm itching to go back, so I think part deux will sneak up sooner than I anticipate :)

Karena said...

What fabulous shops! Really uniqeu and highly desirable finds

Do come and enter my giveaway from Fifi Flowers $200 value!


Art by Karena!

quintessence said...

OMG - you weren't kidding!!! Now I've always heard that the shopping in New Orleans is fabulous and of course I've been ogling Leontine Linens for years but what fabulous finds! One thing more beautiful than the next. There are several items that I'm going to be speaking to Santa about for sure!!

Clutter Diva said...

Ah, that's the best thing about New Orleans. There is a new and unique experience waiting for you around every corner and Magazine Street is one of those experiences not to be missed. Love, love, love your photos!

Kelle Dame said...

Ohhh DEAR!! There is a street called "magazine"??!!?? I would get into some serious trouble! These stores are just too much! I would just die!!!
Awesome post!

All The Trappings said...

If any of you ever make it that way, I'm only 2 hours from there--I'll go and meet you! We can gasp and faint together!



Oh, and Kelle: 'Magasin' is french for shop/shopkeepers, so I'm pretty certain that Magazine is a derivative of Magasin :) Someone correct me if I'm wrong :)

Erin Chance Fenstermaker said...

loved it and cant wait for part deux!

Anonymous said...

Next time I'm in NOLA-I will most certainly set aside extra time to stroll through all these lovely shops! Thanks for posting Andrea!

decorative deluxe said...

French Deco, Maison Jansen stuff, decanters, burl wood and Leontine Linens - AAAAHHHH, Total Awesomeness! Really beautiful love it ALL!

cotedetexas said...

wow - 6th picture down - i put the console in a client's house! so weird to see it somewhere else!

All The Trappings said...

Wow, Joni! Crazy! Send me a pic, ok?

Thanks everyone, for all of the comments about the post. I had a great time visiting the stores and sharing them with you all!