Sunday, December 12, 2010

Introducing My "Sounds Good To Me" Music Series • Every Monday on All The Trappings

Pin It As a lifelong music-devotee I love listening, watching, searching and discovering the new and the old in the music scene.  My insatiable thirst for music is what brought my husband and I together and I'd say we would travel to the ends of the earth to catch a live show. In fact, our honeymoon revolved around scoring tickets to see one of our favorite bands at the time.  Our 1st 'date' was to a music event, and after discovering our eerily similar taste in bands, we were inseparable from there on out! In addition to being voracious enthusiasts, the mister plays guitar in a band that is quite popular in our area.  

I've camped {yes, me! yes, in a tent! stop laughing!}  out in 97° heat for four days solid while crammed in a tent city with 90,000 other enthusiasts just to see some of my favorites. If that's not crazy enough, I did it two years in a row! Admittedly, I started to feel a little OLD after the 2nd year and decided against round 3 ;) But who knows, I may go back someday!


I grew up in a musical household, as my dad is a gifted musician and singer and my mom, a die-hard festival goer and music lover. If my dad wasn't strumming the guitar and singing silly John Prine songs {which absolutely MORTIFIED me when I was young....I was such a prude!}  he was busy exposing me to Led Zeppelin, Cat Stevens, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones. My wonderful mom brought my sister and I to every festival she could and introduced us to every kind of genre imaginable. My fondest memories stem from these experiences and I look back now and realize how lucky I am to have parents with such an appreciation and great taste in music. 

So, I got to thinking. Half of my passion about music is sharing it with people–– it's as much a part of me as interior design, and I'd like to do a weekly feature on what I've discovered lately (or rediscovered) on All The Trappings. Every Monday, I will post one or more songs from an artist {or artists} I love. They may be new news, old news....but to me, good news ;) I hope you enjoy!


Today, I want to feature two artists. The 1st band is named Blitzen Trapper, from Portland, Oregon. They are not a new discovery for me, but they may be for you! The song titled Furr, grabbed my attention so intensely when I 1st heard it, I think I must have played it on repeat at the very least, 20x. The mister, while he loves the song too, was about to kill me. No, seriously.  I'm completely maniacal when I discover a new band I love and I just devour the album from beginning to end. The world could be on fire and I'd not notice ;)

The lyrics and metaphors here nearly stopped my heart. What a beautiful song about life :)

Second, we have St. Vincent, a VERY beautiful young lady from Dallas, Texas. Her voice is like cashmere and she's quite the adept guitarist. I love her sound! Here, she plays the song "Paris is Burning" one of my favorites of hers. Haunting lyrics and an equally haunting, yet still dainty composition. 

So, what have you been listening to that you can't get enough of? I have an appreciation for ALL types of music, so don't be bashful! 

Have a great week!




Jessica said...

I'm anxiously awaiting the Decemberists' new album 'The King is Dead.' I downloaded the first single and I can already tell the entire album will be magical! Check out "Down By The Water." Gillian Welch is doing some backup vocals and Colin has never sounded better. The album comes out on January 18, which is four days before mine. I like to think they are releasing it on that day as an early birthday present to moi! :-)

All The Trappings said...

Dang, Jess! I wish I shared your fervor for The Decemberists :( Ken loves them, but I've TRIED and even watched them live but can't get into them! I'm willing to give them another spin. I like the sound of Gillian Welch as backup.....sounds dreamy!



Jessica said...

If nothing else, I really think you might like this new track. I think the Decemberists might be an acquired taste, but that song is so good, I think everyone will (read: SHOULD) dig it. Let me know what you think!

Anonymous said... just sent me down memory lane! I can still see my little baby girl carrying that big ole album saying "Play Moonshadow Mommy"!

You also would listen to tv commercials then peck out the melody on keyboard & clarinet!!

quintessence said...

Oh was that your mother who left the last comment? How lovely. Rather liked Blitzen Trapper. I have a music fanatic son so I let him do the music foraging. But lately I've been listening to all varieties of holiday music - from classical to Brazilian versions to old fashioned classics - just getting in the mood!

All The Trappings said...

Awww, Mom :) You're so sweet! Thanks for the reminder....although we know how well I excelled with clarinet ;) What a natural! (right)

Quintessence- Yes ma'am twas my mom, who reads the blog from a faraway land! Glad you liked Blitzen Trapper. They have another song that I really love: Black River Killer. You may want to check it out on YouTube :)

Jess- Guess what? I woke up with "Down By The Water" in my head today......think it's a sign that I'm turning over a new leaf? heh :)

Glad I could turn y'all on to some new music!



Jessica said...

I'm rubbing my hands together and laughing maniacally as I type ... SUCCESS, I have begun to break down your Decemberists wall!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl!

I like your idea about weekly posting music that you're into. I LOVE St. Vincent! Almost got to see her and Andrew Bird in New Orleans last year, but they were sold out when i went to buy tickets. I even waited around outside the venue to see try and find someone to buy them off of. no luck :( think you might like Sharon Van Etten. You should check her out.


lacey young

All The Trappings said...

I remember that, Lacey!!! Ugh!!!!!! I'll bet he will have a show around your area soon. I know you're all ate up with newborn n'stuff but you HAVE to see him live! Spiritual experience! No exaggeration! I'd love to fly in and attend the show with you ;)