Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Chance Meeting and Creative Inspiration For The Day

Pin It Today is a gorgeous day! Crisp, sunny, cool, and believe me we need it b/c our weather has been nasty lately. This pretty day got my creativity riled up and while looking for lighting inspiration for a project I am working on, my ADD kicked in and I couldn't help but pull together a room based on my mood. The *real* work can wait, I suppose ;)

I've been wanting to introduce everyone to Erin Chance Fenstermaker, a truly gifted up and coming artist in Lafayette. She's absolutely adorable, demure, and playful. Her artwork certainly exudes her vibrant persona, yet at the same time her pieces have a quiet contemplative quality to them, which I love.  

Comfortable working within abstract and figurative, she does a wonderful job parlaying her point of view in a way that I feel many can appreciate and admire. The color composition she chooses is what really does it for me; not afraid of color one bit, she uses chroma in an approach that rouses a harmonious interplay between many strong hues, and the final product is just breathtaking! 

Starting with this modern interpretation of a buillotte chandelier, I quickly layered a room that would make me happy to be in it, knowing all the while that I wanted to incorporate a painting of Erin's. I feel that her pieces work well within traditional, contemporary, eclectic, anything. My personal taste is more classically-eclectic if that makes sense. I wouldn't call it funky, per se, more streamlined and tailored with the unxepected thrown in for good measure. In fact, this is what I'd love for my living room to look like! Trust fund? Anyone? Bueller? 

Enjoy, and be sure to check out Erin's website! She's a doll! 

**My ADD is really bad today. I realized I should have added more paintings from her website to illustrate how talented she is! Forgive me if you came, saw, left and now I added more! 

Aren't these colors incredible?

I want this one! 

Would you ever know that this is a marsh scene? I love that about her work!