Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sounds Good To Me Music Series • Mardi Gras, Y'all!

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I'm not out of the woods juuuuuust yet, but I promise we will return to our regularly scheduled programming as soon as I am! I wanted to pop in and share a few songs with you to celebrate the holiday on Tuesday. 


For the rest of the world, this upcoming Tuesday is just a regular old Tuesday. But for South Louisiana, it's 
M A R D I    G R A S !!
M A D I    G R A S !!
M A D I    G R A S !!

In the city {Lafayette, New Orleans and towns in between}, we celebrate like this:

In the country {Mamou, Church Point, Eunice, Basile}, we celebrate like this:


In which tradition do you think I will be celebrating this year?  

I will mail this:
to the 1st person to guess correctly!!





Clutter Diva said...

Andrea, big news...I'm moving to Lafayette on March 13th! I hope I get a chance to meet you in person! Maybe we'll bump into each other at Cypremort Point!!!
P.S. I think you are a city Mardis Gras me. Be well "neighbor"!

All The Trappings said...

Oh, YES! How exciting! You will just ADORE Lafayette! And you're getting here right in time.......FESTIVAL INTERNATIONALE time that is! Too bad you'll miss Mardi Gras!

I'd love to meet you, please email me when you get settled and we can have coffee OR, even better there is a gelateria opening up downtown soon so we can go there! Goodbye vanity, hello stretch pants.

P.S. Not that I have any clue what you desire in a neighborhood, but downtown/university area is where it's AT!! Just sayin' ;)

Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!

Oh! P.S.S. You ARE hijacking that Julie Neill chandy from your SA house to put in your Laffy house, RIGHT???



Jane Schott said...

Yahoo Dr. John!!!! Enjoy the feast...

michele at hellolovelyinc said...

i'm your newest follower and love your writing style and enthusiasm. i esp appreciated that update about George Marks! thx!

come visit me anytime.


Anonymous said...

Seriously girlfriend, you would rather celebrate than come to sweet Joni's rescue again. After all, tacky always needs a friend and since you seem to be the supreme pontiff when Joni backs herself into a corner with a post touting her friends, neighbors or favorite architects, you seem to make yourself available. No ballbusting this time, okay Just honest conversation. Why,, I am disappointed in you. Joni always counts on people like you to have her back - you know the never published kind in your profession who at least have been to spellcheck school. Go for it.

All The Trappings said...

Anon! I think I love you!

Are you the same person that spends much of your time watching Joni's every move, lurking in the shadows--waiting for her to post something that your eyes don't favor?

You seem like the kind of gal or guy I'd fancy to spend my time with. Please indulge me one day soon, I beg of you. Coffee? Crumpets? Liver and fava beans with a nice Chianti? When, darling? W H E N? You call the date and we'll set a time. I'd love to know more about your highly sophisticated design palate. I'm certain that someone like me, with such a low taste level, could learn quite a bit from such a master. It could be great fun, no?

I'll make sure not to use such expletives like "ballbuster" during our visit and I promise not to poke you even a TEENSY bit about the spelling of "tenets". Consider that particular rouse just a part of my playful edge and all in good fun. I can't even imagine how you have held on to that old memory! It's practically ancient history! Gosh! That brain of yours. Amazes me every time.

Oh, and hon. Please before we commit to our playdate, DO invite your best pal Margaret Russell to join. I'm DYING to get published here. My most recent project, where I repurposed a 1984 Waverly floral valance into a DELIGHTFUL toilet tissue holder--complete with plastic doll and all-- is truly a stunner. If you thought I couldn't take it any further, I did. Making use of every bit, I had my workroom use the scraps as the fringe for the balloon shade in the powder room for a touch of that raw edge-- almost organic feel, you know? Exquisite. Maggie would just adore it, I'm certain! I promise to put it on the blog. Pinky swear!

Call me.



Anonymous said...

I would love to meet you - as soon as you get out of detox. That lunch you offered of fava beans and liver is really a step up. I certainly don't want you to go too hard on the pocketbook considering the usual fare of "luziana" fried skunk and grits. Don't worry about the wine, I'll dig into my cellar and dust off the finest Mogan David I have and it will taste just fine with that skunk - you know not too sweet and certainly not oakey but just perfectly balanced. By the way, do they sell homes in "luziana" furnished? That red sofa honey looks like Scarlett has her name written all over it. I was delighted to hear you are now recycling and Margaret you know is a big fan of going green where possible. I am confused, however, about the toilet paper holder since I thought corncobs were the "luziana" staple for luxury baths. Oh well, you learn something every day.You have a great day, ya heah.