Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Knock-down, Drag-out on the Campaign Trail

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Campaign furniture––have you heard of it? Did it perplex you when you first heard the term? I know that it confused me when I first heard of it years ago! 

Simply put, Campaign Furniture is {mostly} antique modular furniture made to be broken down and put back together with ease in case your family had to split town faster than Marie Antionette changed shoes.

This furniture became not only popular, but necessary in times of war. Families and military generals–– not to mention politicians truly on the campaign trail–– needed accommodations, and what better than to have all of the accouterments of the good life to take with you?

The joinery and marvelous craftsmanship within these pieces are second-to-none and the engineering is purely brilliant considering there were no machines, AutoCAD or schools teaching Industrial Design! All of these things had to be broken down quickly, compactly and still be able to ride in style after many miles and moves! From great big armoires to small benches, there wasn't a detail overlooked when designing the furniture.

If you know me, or have read this blog over a period if time, you know how much I looooove 1stdibs. Now, {pretty much} every heavy-hitting antiques store is accessible at our fingertips. I could spend days looking at everything, dreaming up how I would use each piece in a clients home, lusting after all of the things that I want. You know––torturing myself and taunting my willpower at every turn.

I raked over the selection of Campaign furniture to offer of some tasty images for us all to drool over. I love the lines of everything. It's straightforward-meets elegant-meets functional-meets masculine-meets grace and refinement. What do you think?

All images courtesy of 1stdibs


I would love to use this in place of a sofa in my sunroom. Truly magnifique!

This daybed is SIXTY GRAND! Not kidding! I mean, it's a beaut and all.........

I love how this secretary pulls double-duty as a vanity and a desk. You know that this was commissioned by the owner to suit his particular needs. I love that!

If I remember correctly, I think this style is a favorite of Albert Hadley in his interiors. I think I've seen him use it in a few homes. I love the frankness of it. 

And every weary traveler needs a bar for a cocktail at the set of dusk, right? How about this cute portable bar to get the job done? 

They even thought about the girls! These are garishly precious aren't they? Like, hmmmm. Cugly. Cuteugly.

Stunning chest of drawers made of camphorwood––so masculine, you know this man handled biznass.

This rosewood bookcase has such and anglo-indian feel to it. What a statement piece. 

Have a great week everyone!




Anonymous said...

Great Post! TD

Gisele said...

Andrea, always so enlightening and entertaining to read your blogs! I'd love to meet the man who handled his "businASS" out of that armoire! Have a great weekend, girl.

Alycia Nichols said...

60 grand for the daybed??? Seriously??? Wow!!! I wish!!!!!! I have 3 pieces of campaign furniture in storage, and I love it! That camphorwood chest of drawers is bee-yoo-tee-ful!!! I will have to Google 1stdibs. (Yes, I'm a Google freak!) Middle America is so lost in its backwoods country duck-decorated furniture offerings that we have to research the good stuff! I keep a casual house and would never consider a $60K daybed (unless you twist my arm just a little bit! :-), but I'm going to learn more about 1stdibs!