Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Enjoy the holidays! Tis the season for bad cable-knit Santa sweaters, christmas tree socks+loafers, and mom jeans.

A joke!

 Here's what I've been busy doing for the last couple of weeks, enjoy! **And I promise I will get a new camera veryvery soon, my iPhone camera is NOT cutting it!!!! Santa???? Maybe??

From my home to yours, Happy Holidays to everyone!

Hope that everyone's Christmas is wonderful, full of love and over-pouring with generosity.

Take the time to let your nearest and dearest know how much you love them. Give tight hugs, lend true conversation, and be sure to never let them forget how special they are to you.




Monday, December 14, 2009

Just in case you were wracking your brain over what to get me for Christmas

Pin It Let it be known: I'm not a huge jewelry wearer........up until a few months ago when I....oof, it still pains me to say it...... when I LOST MY WEDDING RING (what a loser, eh?), I would only wear the ring and some nice studs on my ears. Çes't tout.  Red lips, a silk scarf and out the door I go to to be consistently 10 minutes late as I always am!

 But when it comes to my time-wasting on 1st Dibs when I should be cleaning the house or grocery shopping, you bet your bottom that I can find troves of jewelry that I could sport. Such was the case a few weeks ago when I decided to peruse the online inventory of my favorite site for all things vintage and antique. Le crush.

I FLIPPED when I saw this. Now this my friends, is a cocktail ring if I've ever seen one! I need it on my right hand, agree?

And this!!!!!! Man, oh man. Imagine this with an unadorned kelly-green taffeta dress. How sexy and simple could that be?

As you can see, I like coral and carnelian.....I also LOVE lapis lazuli. I am so hot for these earrings, whew. It's almost embarrassing. Somebodeh, geyut me to my faintin' sofa quicklike and fetch me a tall drink of wawtah. (that was for you, MeMe, love you!)

Pleaseplease Mr. Officer, please put me in that cuff!

Another pair to die for.

I would wear this often. What a statement, yet so understated at the same time. Gorgeous!

I can't wait to see if your tongues rolled out like mine did when I saw these. And of course, if you want to get me something special, now you know what I want ;) JUST JOKING!

***Unless your initials are that case, get crackin' Mr.!