Monday, December 14, 2009

Just in case you were wracking your brain over what to get me for Christmas

Pin It Let it be known: I'm not a huge jewelry wearer........up until a few months ago when I....oof, it still pains me to say it...... when I LOST MY WEDDING RING (what a loser, eh?), I would only wear the ring and some nice studs on my ears. Çes't tout.  Red lips, a silk scarf and out the door I go to to be consistently 10 minutes late as I always am!

 But when it comes to my time-wasting on 1st Dibs when I should be cleaning the house or grocery shopping, you bet your bottom that I can find troves of jewelry that I could sport. Such was the case a few weeks ago when I decided to peruse the online inventory of my favorite site for all things vintage and antique. Le crush.

I FLIPPED when I saw this. Now this my friends, is a cocktail ring if I've ever seen one! I need it on my right hand, agree?

And this!!!!!! Man, oh man. Imagine this with an unadorned kelly-green taffeta dress. How sexy and simple could that be?

As you can see, I like coral and carnelian.....I also LOVE lapis lazuli. I am so hot for these earrings, whew. It's almost embarrassing. Somebodeh, geyut me to my faintin' sofa quicklike and fetch me a tall drink of wawtah. (that was for you, MeMe, love you!)

Pleaseplease Mr. Officer, please put me in that cuff!

Another pair to die for.

I would wear this often. What a statement, yet so understated at the same time. Gorgeous!

I can't wait to see if your tongues rolled out like mine did when I saw these. And of course, if you want to get me something special, now you know what I want ;) JUST JOKING!

***Unless your initials are that case, get crackin' Mr.!


Sarah Stewart said...

My FAV is that fantastic ring at the top! I want it!

Andrea V.@ said...

Sarah, you can have it for a mere $12,500! Not too shabby, eh?

decorative deluxe said...

My fav is the necklace at the end (that is a forever necklace) love it all!